•Concept note preparation
•Panel Participation
•Climate Finance
•Project review and implementation.

Climate Finance

The focus of the global climate community in redirecting financial flows to climate related interventions provides a platform for GCA Capital Partners to provide support at both the policy stage (drafting of frameworks, drawing from the NDCs) and the funding stage (issuance of climate instruments).

Sustainable Development

GCA Capital provides technical assistance and capacity building on economic development matters. GCA was involved in preparation of the E&S documents for the NHFP, DBN, NMGC and has also provided capacity building sessions for the CBNs OFISD, NGX Corporates, & Graduate Trainees, DAI-FCDO programs

Capital Market Development

Through its investee companies, Applied Logic and LQY SPV, GCA Capital provides access to Financial content on capital markets while also providing technical support in the development of data and technology based products or solutions that can impact capital market liquidity and breadth.